Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long Awaited Blogger Update

This is the first Blogger update from Reticon in months and we do sincerely apologize for the long delay in our posting.  The reason for our delay is that we have been hard at work researching and designing assets for TAHI...

Let us begin with the IONICON engine.  It was presented at California State University Long Beach as a year-long research project.  The project was a huge success, being acclaimed for one of the largest projects self-attributed research projects in the program's history.

In the image above, you will see Frank Lima (Creator of Reticon) presenting the IONICON engine and demonstrating its controller, display, rendering and texturing functionality with a Portal Companion Cube that was imported directly into a Dreamcast as a raw 3D File with its included texture file.  The output seen in the background of the rendered image was the statistics of the file, how much RAM was being consumed (which was very little) and the frame rates of the high resolution mesh.

Here is a better photo of the output of the Dreamcast's Ionicon engine in action, complete with full texture mapping, high polycount 3D meshes and fully utilized controller input.

Although there has been a long period of silence from Reticon regarding any production, the production is far from coming to any sort of a halt. We have been remaining quiet for the most part for the exception of our postings at http://dreamcast-talk.com including the first iteration of the IONICON engine. The reason for our silence is that we have been producing work and must copyright it before we show any information to the public, not only that but Reticon has been undergoing major business endeavors to open as a complete studio and lock in our great and talented team as a fortified producer of games for the Dreamcast and beyond!

As for updates on TAHI

We're currently producing our artwork into optimized 3D models for the game and setting up the appropriate IK joints to be read in through the IONICON engine 

The artists are continuing to produce the main characters that are part of the TAHI story.
Below are  the 'Lie Twins' two humans that are integral to the story of TAHI and the history the player will uncover as they play through the game

Level designing is occurring at the same time as our art production.  Even though there are technically 'no levels' in the world of TAHI, the citadels and cities you will discover as a player will instate as the 'levels' that will be playable.  We have constructed mind-bending, puzzle solving, riddle enticing situations that the player will be responsible for solving.  This game will test the player's limit of patience and problem solving as they explore new worlds.

Furthermore, on our long 'laundry list' of items to fill for this project, we are preparing a 'Kickstarter' package for this project in order to receive the funding necessary to complete this game in the vision that it was intended to have.  With the proper funding, this game can be even better, and those who have worked tireless hours would be able to be compensated for their work until the full release of TAHI.

We will be working hard to update our blogger on a weekly basis in order to keep all of you informed regarding the status of the TAHI project and the IONICON engine.

Thank you all for your support, we're still strong and working hard!

Monday, October 24, 2011

So it has been a while since our last update and that is because we have been rather busy with this project!
we have a lot of updates to show you.  We have completed our functional requirements for our engine.  Our functional requirements include a detailed UML diagram of our Ionicon Engine and its classes that it will use to drive itself.  We have also completed very detailed documentation of our use cases.  Each use case that we have will represent a function within our Ionicon Engine demo, as you will see below in our images.  The engine demo is arranged by hierarchy, from the most simple functionality to the most complex and complete.  The engine demo will consist of:
  • Texture Slideshow
  • Interrupt viewer
  • Sound Board
  • Music Player (sequence tracker)
  • Camera Test
  • Light Test
  • Animation
  • Movement
  • Field Test
We have been testing our SDL and OpenGL functionality as well.
We're moving ahead in a lighting-like pace, so keep tuned in!

Main Menu

Main Menu selection

Texture Slideshow

Text Interrupt

Camera Test

Lighting Test

Animation Test

Movement Test

Field Test (Our Demo)

And finally, some of us doing what we do best.  Software Engineering...

A huge thanks goes out to our Assistant Game Designer Andrew Cardon and our Creature Creator Joshua Airoso, thanks guys, they assisted in the UI of our demo.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

UML and Software Engineering a-go!

This week we were working with our floorplan with the complete version of the Ionicon Engine. The engine was put together using UML and all of our classes have been defined as well as our function and values for each class. In the laboratory I (Frank) was testing some OpenGL and SDL routines for the engine and emulating the compiled code for results. We are attempting to take as little as a hit to our CPU as we can and one of the methods that we will be implementing in our engine is occlusion. Meaning if a model is hidden, do not render it when it comes to its render state, this will free up CPU and RAM. It goes with my saying that I had mentioned earlier to my team 'If we hide it, we can swap it', meaning if we have something hidden, either in geometry, or something not loaded into our buffer, swap it for the next available spot in a congruent memory location. This will optimize our RAM and CPU usage.

Next week we draft up some use case scenarios, implement SDL into all of the machines we are using as well as continue testing and begin coding the FULL Ionicon Engine (Ver 1.0 !)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Reticon Team has continued to work hard to produce Tahi - The Arocean War. The engine that will be running Tahi, duly named the 'Ionicon Engine' has been accepted by California State University Long Beach as a viable research project! This is great news to the Reticon Team we will have labs available to us if and when we need them. In the process, we have acquired three great computer scientists to assist us in our 3D render engine endeavors.

We have setup all of our necessary documentation to have a functioning engine by December 15th, 2011. We will be posting our engine endeavors on our blogger site as more developments occur.

In other news, we have closed our forums due to an onslaught of hacking. We attempted to reopen the forums but were quickly taken down due to what seemed to be SQL injections and DDoS attacks on the server itself. We will be replacing the forums link with a link to our blogger instead, where we will be updating on an almost weekly basis from here on out.

Also, the main playable character's designs are near completion, so the images that have seen with Gangaro the Third (the playable character) will look much more refined

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Updated User Interface

A big thanks goes out to our artist, Jordan who finalized our user interface for Tahi.  It has a very strong 'technological' feel to it now.  The game consists of a hybrid of both ancient and new and so we find it difficult at times to combine the two.

We've finalized the User Interface, but if anyone has any suggestions, we would be happy to take them!

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Interface in the works!

Since our last image with our test user interface and engine, we've since gone in and have been carefully redesigning our interface, it is about 90% complete at the moment, we're still going in to add some artistic changes (make it more technological), here is what we have thus far, comments and suggestions are gladly welcomed!

The UI contains health, Xii energy, a map and assignable buttons!

4th of July Game Designing

It has been a while, but yes! We are still hard and work on the game.  Here are some images from our studio as we are discussing plans of action to take regarding gameplay layout, story issues and programming issues that we must address. 

Tonight Frank and Andrew were working (and will be) well until the break of dawn in order to achieve the summer deadlines they have planned.

(We do apologize for the poor image taking/quality, we asked someone to take photos of us and they were not too skilled with a camera)

More updates to come soon!